OPEN FACE sandwich

SALMON  Homemade Scottish salmon, dill cream cheese, shaved radish, cucumber, infused dill-oil. $8

CHICKEN SALAD   Walnut, sundried cranberry’s, chopped celery, homemade aioli. $7

EGG  Hardboiled egg, thinly sliced with crispy salami, micro greens, tangerine aioli. $7



GRILLED CHEESE   Da Capo special four cheeses blend. $9

MEET BALL SLIDER   Veal meat ball parmesan slider, on brioche  $9

CAPRESE   Focaccia bread, extra virgin olive oil, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, basil.   $9

 PROSCIUTTO DI PARMA   Focaccia bread, extra virgin olive oil, Prosciutto di Parma, mozzarella, basil.  $12

SOPRESSATA   Ciabatta bread, pesto, spicy salami, fontina cheese, tomatoes, baby arugula. $10

MORTADELLA   Ciabatta bread, mortadella, mayonnaise, fontina cheese, tomatoes, arugula.  $9                                                                       


ARUGULA & SHAVED FENNEL      Quinoa and heirloom tomato, citrus yuzu vinaigrette, shaved parmesan cheese, fresh tangerine.  $15

CHOPPED KALE    Romaine and Napa cabbage, pistachio lime ginger dressing, fresh mint, thin crispy corn tortilla strips. $15

NICOISE SALAD  Shaved romaine and iceberg lettuce, grated carrots, chilled yellow fin tuna, string beans, Peruvian potato, olives, corn, hardboiled egg, passion fruit-French mustard dressing.   $15

BEET SALAD     Roasted red and gold beets, served with candied pecans, brusselsprouts and  topped with feta cheese. Lemon lime cilantro vinaigrette.   $15                                       

*Additional thinly sliced grilled chicken, marinated with herb De Provence. $ 6.00


MARGHERITA    Traditional margherita. $14

QUATTRO FORMAGGI   Italian four cheeses topped with truffle honey   $14

 *Add prosciutto $6, soppressata $5, wild mushrooms $5.



Please inquire for today’s soup.